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Hey Guys

If you're here, then you probably already know far too much about me :-)

If you don't know who I am, I'm a father to my amazing 2 year son DASH, and a husband to my beautiful wife JEM. I'm also a musical artist who works his ass off to make the greatest music I can on and off stage. There's actually nothing I love more than performing my music and connecting with my fans/friends in person or on Facebook or wherever really.


Basically to be a TEAM LACHY member is new way to purchase and support my music.

Being an original artist isn't an easy path. The only thing that has kept me being able to write, record and tour my music has been through playing for far more established artists like Jimmy Barnes in-between times. Lately I've had a some bad luck and have found myself with a new record I can't afford to pick up from the printers and a mortgage I can't pay afford until something else comes in. Yet I've got over 28,000 true and supporting fans on Facebook, some of which have been offering me donations to support my music but I've been too stubborn to accept.

WELL. I'm hoping this might be the answer, the future infact. I've some other artists do this and it only brings them closer to their fans and gives them the opportunity to focus on being the best they can be and produce the best music and tours for their fans.

SO IF MY MUSIC DOES SOMETHING FOR YOU. Would you consider becoming a Team Lachy member. For $10 a month you'll be enabling me to RECORD and WRITE the best music I can for you guys, keep on touring and maybe even afford to bring Jem and Dash along one day :-) I've so so so many great plans I know we can make happen.

You'll also receive
- all my old albums plus every new album, as they are released, INSTANTLY downloaded to you
- I'll upload exclusive MEMBER ONLY tracks such as live releases, demos and such, available no where else.
- 15% off all my merchandise (CD's, Prints, other stuff and even Vinyl if I ever get the money together to print them) Some one off T shirt prints maybe be exempt as they are from third party vendors
- Discounts to certain shows
- Access to my subscriber only newsfeed here on Bandcamp where we can chat.

I strongly believe that subscription based income is the future for hard working and talent artists. It's a bitter pill for me to swallow but I simply don't have no choice SO HERE GOES.

Thanks you so much guys. You guys have already changed my life in so many ways and hoping we can continue this ride together. I've got so so so so so so so so so many plans

Lachy x

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